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What is LETZ?

Fun-filled exploding puzzle match-3 game with words.

Tons of story levels, exciting challenges and upgradable bonuses.

Narrated story-driven gameplay with plenty of crazy characters.

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Pure puzzle fun

Addictive fast-paced match-3
game with mind-blowing
gameplay mechanics.

Gathering Letters

Letters are trapped in stones. Collect
them to build words and fill your dictionary.

Tons of bonuses

Gain various bonuses and use
them to complete a story word.

Fun story and characters

Travel with Zed through 4 unique worlds, save Letterville and beat A. Nalphabet.

Few of the features

4 worlds and 60 story levels

Throughout the story explore 4 worlds and follow every step of Zed. Each story word you gain in every of 60 unique levels reveals more of the plot.

30000+ words to collect

Collect words from plenty of different categories and fill your dictionary. In expert mode, you choose the letters you want to use to create a specific word.

Over 50 trophies

Everyone loves trophies and so do you. There is plenty of them waiting to be uncovered. Become a Trophymaster.

26 crazy ranks

With every new collected word you get closer to a higher rank. Gain them all from A to Z and unlock upgrades in the shop.

Endless mode

If you want to collect words and have fun with bonuses without any distraction, endless mode is just perfect for you. With almost infinite number of stages!

300 badges and challenges

Every story level has 3 unique badges to gain. Become a Badgemaster and don't forget about challenges in endless mode. There are tons of them!

Story-driven gameplay

Meet A. Nalphabet, Zed, William, Alfee and others in story mode and reveal theirs intentions. Find rare, unique, epic and legendary artifacts.

50+ in-game bonuses & upgrades

Bombs, vampires, treasure chests, lotteries, ghosts, suprise bricks and more. LETZ simply has it all! And you can upgrade it!

Some of the characters

  • Owns a candy factory,
    hates chocolate
  • Nervous, unstable,
    a little bit crazy
  • Formerly butler,
    now creates cogs
  • Very cocky,
    but helpful
  • Adorable monkey
    with a bad habit
  • Classic maneater
    ... I mean, lettereater

Media for your viewing pleasure

iPhone wallpapers

Click on the thumbnails to get a full resolution LETZ wallpaper for your iPhone 4. (These are not iPhone 5 ready, sorry ;)

All images are 640x960.

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Petr Vodák

Game designer / Programmer


Martin Balhar

Game designer / Graphic designer


Štepán Starosta


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